9 Criteria for Establishing Brand Essence

October 21, 2011  |  Branding

I talk about Brand Essence every day while dealing with my clients. Essence is much more than a feeling. It is the impression evoked by the brand though many touchpoints or connections with the consumer.  These 9 criteria sum up what the “essence” really is. This list is an excerpt from a post by HubSpot.


9 Criteria for Establishing Brand Essence

1. Focus: Find one or two words that define the brand. Deliver a unique experience, and document what it is you want to evoke.

2. Feeling: Describe what it is you want a consumer to feel when he/she comes into contact with your brand.

3. Individuality: In these communities, brands are people, too, and necessary to stand alone. The key here is uniqueness and charm.

4. Experiential: When a consumer experiences a product or service, what is the encounter eliciting?

5. Consistency: What a brand conveys now and every day. It is also a call to ensure that the brand team is structured in a way that allows it to deliver as promised.

6. Credibility: Aligning the brand essence with experiences and righting the course of engagement and transformation when necessary. (This is discussed further in Chapter 15).

7. Longevity: Is the essence designed to last, something that can stand the test of time, and patient regardless of medium?

8. Personal: Something personal that people aspire to embrace and be a part of; something that speaks to them.

9. Portable: A strong understanding of how emotion is transferable across networks.

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