3 Killer Social Media Marketing Tactics

December 21, 2009  |  Social Media  |  No Comments
3 Killer Social Media Marketing Tactics

I found these tips while checking my Twitter. Zeke Camusio has a Blog full of great tips and advise about Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship at The Outsourcing Company. http://www.theoutsourcingcompany.com/blog/

3 Killer Social Media Marketing Tactics

Tactic #1: Find Out Who’s Talking About You and Your Product and Engage in the Conversation

  1. Set up BuzzStream with your name and keywords (e.g. “back pain”, “natural healing”, etc.)
  2. You’ll get alerts every time someone talks about you or the stuff you offer.
  3. Go there and engage in the conversation.

This tactic rocks! You find people who need what you have and help them. That’s what Social Media Marketing is all about.

BuzzStream is a paid tool ($49/month). If you want a free alternative, use Google Alerts, but you won’t get the same great results.

Tactic #2: Share Someone Else’s Content
Most people freak out over Social Media Marketing because they don’t have the time to write 100 articles and shoot 100 videos. It’s OK. Be a “resource sharer”. Those resources don’t need to be yours. If you come across videos and articles that your audience might find useful, share that stuff with them. Read More

Social Media is an Organic Library

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Social Media is HOT. Is it just me, or is are all the news articles either about Social Media or . . . John & Kate + Eight?

Really, it is fascinating to see all the publicity about these networks. It opens up a whole new world form me as a brand design consultant. I suffered from Blog Guilt for many months, and now I am up and running, but still work in progress. Always will be. Now I am addicted to Twitter. I prefer reading other’s posts to posting my own stuff. The millions of daily posts create a live, organic library. The information for the topics I follow (Branding, Design, Social Media, Personal Branding) is very helpful because it is current and concise and keeps me on top of my game. Great tidibits of info for cocktail parties too!

The key is to filter out the clutter. I commit to following ‘quality’ blogs and ‘twitters’. So, if you are on my list, thank you for participating in my organic library of information.

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