GPS Guide Featured on Wish TV 8 News

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The GPS Guide to the Teenage Brain was recently featured in the news n conjunction with a report on marijuana use in Marion County. Read More

Choose Reality Over Perfection In Brand Building

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Choose Reality Over Perfection In Brand Building

I love this article posted by Martin Lindstrom on the Branding Strategy Insider. It is all about getting REAL. Let’s get REAL with our BRANDS. Make them authentic, let them make mistakes and react like a REAL person. Nobody likes a phony brand image and we all know what those look like. This goes for corporate brands, small business brands, service brands and personal brands. I love imperfect brands just like I love imperfect people — who are not afraid to admit it. Get REAL with your brand!

Source: Martin Lindstrom, Branding Strategy Insider

Is perfect branding really the best way of building brands? Up until recently this might have been true. Asking Martha Stewart fans they would have agreed with me. Year after year the ever-perfect Martha was dishing up one perfect decoration advice after another. And yes they were really perfect – but repeating this session decade after decade made one mistake look so much more dramatic than if the brand Martha would have conducted mistakes, purposely or not, through the years just like us “ordinary” human beings.

And this brings me to the point. I’m a big believer in the fact that the ultimate brand is like a real person. Needless to say no brand hardly reaches a stage where people perceive it as being a real person, but the fact is, that the more human components we associate a brand with, typically the stronger the brand is. Read More

I’m a Raving Fan of Seth Godin

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I'm a Raving Fan of Seth Godin

I am a “Raving Fan” of Seth Godin’s book “Linchpin” and I have recommended it to many clients and many college students who are about to start their careers. The world has changed, and is continuing to change very rapidly. This book shifts your mindset on the way we do business and how to can manage your own career by making yourself distinctive. This is the new school of thinking for future leaders.

It was fun to be part of Seth’s brilliant, grass roots, tech driven, unconditional book launch. Seth offered advanced copies of Linchpin to the first 3,000 people who donated $30 to the Acumen Fund. I bought a copy — or, rather, I donated to the Acumen Fund and Seth sent me his book before it hit the shelves in stores. I thought that was brilliant, but here’s the kicker – - about 2 months after I received my book he send me a second copy to pass on to a friend. Now, that is impressive! Can you see why I am a Raving Fan of Seth Godin?

I follow his daily blog at I encourage all creative thinking business people to join me!

From The 60 Second Marketer Blog

I became a huge fan of Seth Godin after reading TRIBES. He written several other bestselling business books such as Meatball Sundae, The Dip, Small Is the New Big, The Big Moo, Purple Cow, All Marketers Are Liars, Free Prize Inside, Survival Is Not Enough, Permission Marketing, Unleashing the Ideavirus and, The Big Red Fez. Read More

7 Ways to Create a BIG BRAND for Your Small Business

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7 Ways to Create a BIG BRAND for Your Small Business

Branding for a Small Business – 7 Ways to Creating a Working Brand

Creating a strong brand for a small business can give you a big competitive edge and higher profit margin. A small business’s brand and marketing materials must do more than just ‘look pretty’ — they need  be effective as well. For your brand to “work” for your business it should accomplish these goals:

1. Build Trust – Your company brand should make your customers think, “That company is reliable, and always delivers what it promises”. Make sure your promise is what you focus on. If you promise great service, be sure your staff is well trained understands what great service means.  The key here is is never over promise and under deliver.

2. Define Your Point of Difference – Your brand should stand out from your competitor for one specific reason. It should also look more polished and professional. As a small business, competing against other small business this can be a real competitive edge. By investing in professional brand materials and a website you can immediately position yourself in a premium position and possibly command a higher price.

3. Communicate Credibility - Your brand design, slogan, and writing should all evoke a sense of expertise. To be authentic, be sure you are up on the current topics, trends or latest technology in your industry. Showcase your experience, training and continued commitment to being on top of your game. Read More

7 Branding Observations in NYC

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7 Branding Observations in NYC

I just returned from a weekend trip to NYC with my 12 year old daughter. Being the brand designer that I am I could not help but notice the different marketing strategies and tactics used by various companies in the Big Apple. Here are my observations:

1. People like New (i.e, the New Coach line that just came out has been flying out of the stores for 3 weeks now)

2. Create addicts: tatoos (saw several ‘sleeves’), Apple (I bought a $34 case for my ipod, knowing I could get one elsewhere much cheaper)

3. Atmosphere stimulates the target market’s, “hot buttons,” My daughter enjoyed getting a picture with the male model at the front of Abercrombie and the store feels like a club or a house party, Apple is clean and new, etc.)

4. Bargain shoppers ARE willing to work for better prices on quality products. (Century 21 beside Ground Zero)

5. Avid sports fans don’t like to shop on Sunday afternoon! The ESPN store in Times Square was empty!

6. Reviews/Awards/Top picks are highly influential. I know the car industry makes a huge deal about reviews and ratings. I was totally influenced by the, “top picks,” stickers in the Sophora cosmetic store. -Take home point: get on a list, get rated or ranked! Read More

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